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The World According to George Monbiot

Posted by Exile on December 3, 2009

And who, might you ask, is George Monbiot? He’s one of the leading greenies. He writes for the Guardian amongst other things. A staunch defender of those that have lied to us about global warming climate change for years. He refers to those of us who choose not to believe the flawed and manipulated data concerning temperature and CO2 and other such blithering nonsense and therefore dare to challenge his preferred new religion  science, as “scumbags”, “liars” and “cheats”. Which I’m sure, is all very scientific and greatly adds to the debate.
Nevertheless, in the light of “climategate”, the hacking and releasing of CRU emails and files, which clearly documents who has been lying and cheating, he has been more than a little on the defensive and probably shed a tear or two for the now dying falling sky theories.

Admitting that the emails et al are damaging and damning, he has taken on a somewhat passive-aggressive tone and is clearly suffering from a dose of sackcloth and ashes. Which is a bit like swine flu at the moment, spreading at pandemic rates through the green camp accompanied by a good deal of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

I’m not going to bring any of George’s scribblings here, but I would take the time to include the following links which will take you, dear reader, to the thoughts of Mr. Monbiot. I hope you will take the time to follow and read.

MMGW Guardian article #1

Guardian article #2

By the way Mr. Monbiot, I object to being called a scumbag, liar or cheat by you. Especially now, where I can finally see what company you otherwise keep. Which is how I measure a man.

However, I can also insult. You sir, are a twit.

And that’s putting it nicely.


One Response to “The World According to George Monbiot”

  1. yonason said

    Moonbat is all upset about Climategate? Sort of like this guy?

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