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Posted by Exile on December 20, 2009

Results of a two week long and extremely, nay, pornographically expensive venting of hot air and opinions at taxpayers expense, are summed up as follows:



Comments displaying disappointment are plentiful from NGOs and scientists in the early aftermath of the UN conference in Copenhagen.

“What we have after two years of negotiation is a half-baked text of unclear substance. With the possible exceptions of US legislation and the beginnings of financial flows, none of the political obstacles to effective climate action have been solved,”

Kim Carstensen, Leader of global conservation organization WWF’s Global Climate Initiative.


Personally, I think that’s absolutely the best possible result they could have achieved. I’m glad the farce is over. The town will return to its normal state of winter apathy and I can drive my car wherever I wish with no interference from bored police officers or detours due to pointless left wing extremist rioting. When I heard the results of the conference on climate change I couldn’t quite decide between a celebratory scotch or champagne. I went for both.

Hopefully this non-result will dampen the spirits of those that seek our destruction by unnecessary taxation for nothing.

The climate is changing. It always has. It’s natural. There is nothing to be done to alter that. And trying to do so is a waste of time, money and effort. Let nature take its course and learn to live with the consequences.

By the way, it’s minus eight degrees Celsius outside right now.

Uncommonly cold for this time of year…


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