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After COP15

Posted by Exile on December 29, 2009

I thought it might be prudent to point out, that we are having the coldest December here since 2002. I think there were warmer winters before 2002, as there were colder ones, but nobody wants to talk about that in the media available to me. Heaven forbid that we could document here, that winter has been warmer during the past goodness knows how long.

If this cold snap keeps up, we will achieve a middle temperature for December of less than 0.1 degrees C. Right now, there’s a good frost going on outside. I know this, because I’ve just been out with the dogs and believe me when I say, it’s bloody freezing out there.

Which is surprising, considering all that bloody Gorian global warming that’s been going on for so long now, that planet earth has been cooling down for the last nine years.

My house lies almost exactly on a latitude of 55.6 degrees North, which puts me a little over half way up the hill from the equator. If it’s cold here, then it’s got to be freezing at the top. We get at least a little sunlight during the day to warm us, unlike the Arctic regions, which are now in permanent darkness.

I can’t help wondering about those poor polar bears. Perhaps we should ask Al Gore to send ‘em a few (eco-friendly) torches and warm woolly socks to keep their toes warm on all that non-existent arctic ice?

Global warming? Ha-bloody-ha.

Lying bastards.


2 Responses to “After COP15”

  1. jj said

    WOW Exile….your first ever invective that I can recall.

  2. yonason said


    when the wind don’t blow

    …and when the corn don’t grow?

    Many thanks. Two interesting articles raising a variety of questions.

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