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Damage Control

Posted by Exile on January 17, 2010

Haiti has been levelled by a rather large and lethal earthquake. These past few days I have watched the figures for the unfortunate dead rise from an estimated 50,000 to an estimated over 200,000. Tomorrow, I’m sure, the estimate will be even higher. They need an estimated 20 billion dollars worth of food and other aid immediately and an estimated 500 billion in repair costs and continued aid…

I made my own estimate for the actual damage to the local infrastructure.

About $6.87 ought to do it.

Cynical? No.

If they can be unrealistic, why can’t I..?


3 Responses to “Damage Control”

  1. yonason said

    $20 billion for food? That’s about $2,040 per person. Even eating expensive Kosher food, it would take me months to blow through that. Cutting out fancy stuff, I could triple it. And, if they eat mostly rice, and beans, that should buy enough food for a year, at the very least. In fact, that’s probably more money than some (i.e, the vast majority) of them see in their entire lifetime. And $500 billion in repairs? That’s $51,000 per person. Someone’s gonna make out like a bandit on this, and I can assure you it will NOT be the Haitians.

    I think now I know why so many in the world rush to help in a tragedy, because they can make a lot of money doing so. I just hope that in the process the people who need it, get what they need.

    Hammer. Nail. Hit. I’m glad there’s someone else out there that can do the math!

  2. yonason said

    And, on a related note…

    It would appear, this guy can do the math too….

  3. yonason said


    It’s probably even worse than I thought
    Report here

    OK, no, it’s about what I expect from self-aggrandizing thieves.

    Having read the blogspot report linked above, I can only shake my head in disbelief but with no surprise. The UN, USAID and a whole lot of other groups are contributing to the chaos, not relieving it. My question has to be, why is there not one single organisation that can coordinate the rescue and clean up. Why do there have to be a hundred and twelve relief organisations, each with their own agenda, involved? Nothing gets done. Food rots on airfields and in ports because there is no transport or roads. And the money? Well, the aid agencies do well out of it.

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