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The Meltdown Meltdown

Posted by Exile on January 17, 2010

Another climate change lie died a death this week. This one concerns the 15,000 glaciers that are presently sliding their tortuous way down the Himalayas. According to an IPCC report published in 2007, these glaciers will be gone by 2035. That seems astonishingly quick, even for a numbskull like me, as those glaciers are hundreds of feet thick, are at altitudes where the temperature is constantly below zero and where snowfall by the megaton is a daily occurrence.

It turns out, that this prediction was made based solely on a highly speculative argument supplied by a low ranking Indian scientist in a minor publication which was picked up by an IPCC cheerleader who then ran with the ball. The IPCC is doing all it can to back-pedal on this one. Or should that read back-peddle? They’ve been peddling their nonsense for years and it has cost me enough already.

Under the title “World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown”, the Timesonline has this article on it’s pages. Misled? That’s putting it mildly. “Lied to” is the term of phrase that springs to mind.

Read the article and laugh your worries away.

At least, I would laugh my worries away but I know that somewhere out there, there are those who still believe this global warming tripe. Unfortunately, these are the same people who have access to my shrinking pockets.



It’s still bloody freezing here. Uncommonly cold. Where the hell is all that global warming when you really need it?
I must remember to write to that nice Mr. Gore and ask.


One Response to “The Meltdown Meltdown”

  1. Evan said

    Hello, I’m not looking to argue, or change your beliefs, or anything like that. I simply want to pass a long some info as to why temperatures are cooler than expected. 🙂 hope all is well.


    Well Sir, you’re welcome to try, but since the lying has been exposed, the science is NOT settled, we are not going to fry and the sea isn’t going to cover my back yard, then I fear you would have little chance of changing my beliefs anyway.
    According to the articles you name above, global warming is causing global cooling. Hmm.. man made natural balancing of our climate? I knew they’d have to come up with something…. Perhaps I should stock up with firewood.
    Thanks for the links, they may yet be the source of future posting.

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