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All Shook Up

Posted by Exile on March 3, 2010

Not so very long ago, a huge earthquake knocked down all the tin huts and jerry-built houses on Haiti. The world went mad with pity and millions, if not billions of Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Crowns streamed off to that country. TV stations held marathon phone in donation shows, there were pop concerts, TV concerts and promises of millions of donated funds to be sent to aid agencies of every kind were made. Every government in the western world promised aid and money.

Last week, the same thing happened in Chile. That earthquake was stronger than the one that hit Haiti and it was followed up buy a huge tsunami which had walloped it’s way up the coast and caused a whole lot of destruction there.

Strangely, we have not seen one concert, TV appeal for money or any other such arrangement for this country. I suppose the houses must be a little stronger there, or life much cheaper.

The Chilean government is doing all it can to control the situation. Troops and police have been ordered to shoot “looters” trying to scavenge food. Not one word of protest from any of the aforementioned western governments has yet been heard, nor have there been made any promises of help.

Why is that?

I am reminded of an unfortunate answer to an idiotic question, asked by a reporter for Danish Radio’s TV station, to their resident reporter in India after an earthquake there, some two or three years ago.

She asked,”How are you all feeling after the earthquake?”

The answer came immediately.

“We are deeply shaken….”

So am I.


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