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To the Netherlands Fraud Squad

Posted by Exile on April 20, 2010

I received this email from freedhuisman@aol.com – I suggest you investigate the man immediately.

During our last annual inspections of all various bank accounts here in the Netherlands, My department found a dormant account with an enormous sum of US$ 6,500,000.00 (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollar) which was deposited by one late Mr.Jerry R. Williams a British citizen.
>From My investigation I found out that the late Jerry R.Williams has no beneficiary or next of kin to claim these Funds.(US$ 6,500,000.00)and to the law of my country here in Netherlands when an account is dormant for more than eight 8 years the authority has every tendency to confisticate the account,this is why am contacting you to stand for me as the next of kin or beneficiary to this account deceast since you are not a Netherlands citizen, with all support proof documents to show for it with the help of my lawyer upon hearing from you.
I will need us to work together if you are interested,  and I assure you that I will provide all useful information’s and documentation that we enable us transfer this funds into your bank account legally without any problem.I would explain better to you on phone onversation upon hearing from you as I wait to hear from you soon.
Kindly write me directly with your contacts on my private email:freedhuisman@aol.com
Best Regards,
Freed Huisman

The text is brought here as received, spelling mistakes and all.

I hope I didn’t ruin your day Freed.

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