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Is You IS or Is You Ain’t a Terrorist?

Posted by Exile on September 18, 2010

About a week has gone by since a man with an artificial leg blew himself up in the toilet of Jørgensens Hotel here in Copenhagen. He escaped with somewhat minor injuries and managed to run to a nearby park before being stopped and arrested. It took the police almost five days to find out who he really is and they still aren’t saying what they are going to charge him with. So far, they have been in contact with the Belgian police and there was some talk of Luxembourg at one time. It turns out the guy is from Tjechenia, so now the Russians are interested too.

His name is Lors Doukaev. He was, according to the police, attempting to send a TATP parcel bomb to the Jutland offices of Jyllands Posten in Aarhus. Apparently the bomb went off in the crapper while he was mixing the chemicals. He had a ticket to Belgium in his possession and it was dated for the 11th September, the day after his bomb went off unexpectedly.

Since then, the discussion has been based on his intent. Or rather, what the police believe his intent to be. Was this an act of terrorism? Or intended terrorism? Or personal grievance? Or idiocy? Is he a member of some terrorist group or not?

Frankly, I don’t care. The man meant to hurt someone with a parcel bomb of his own fabrication, nicely packed in plastic and ball bearings and the only reason he failed was that he fumbled the job in the shitter.

He should be charged with that in mind.

The way the investigation is going though, I get the impression that, in the end, he’ll end up being charged with vandalising the toilet, be given a fine and then released back into circulation.

See, we don’t have terrorism, or terrorists, here in Denmark.

And even if we did, we don’t know what to do with them.

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