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Posted by Exile on February 28, 2012

A shakespearean tragedy.

Somewhere in Damascus.


Enter the Foreign Minister….

FM (excited): Mr. Bashar, Sir. May the rivers of milk and honey flow from your ears.

Bashar: Thank you. And yours. What’s up?

FM(excited still.): We’ve received another communiqué from the UN Sir.

Bashar: I see. What does it say?

FM: They’re condemning us, oh mighty president, Sir.

Bashar (Stands up): Really? To what, exactly, are they condemning us?

FM (trembling): Er.. hang on, your eloquence, just having a quick read.. blah.. blah.. condemn.. blah.. murder of the innocents… blah… blah… Banki Moon..
Uhm.. They don’t say, Sir.

Bashar (Sits again.): Oh. Well. That’s annoying. Are they expecting an answer?

FM: I don’t think so, oh magnificent one.

Bashar: Hmmm… OK. Not to worry. How’s it going in Homs?

FM: Wonderful. We’ve slaughtered a shed load of ‘em today.

Bashar: Good. Carry on.

FM: Very well, your almightiness. What should I do with this communiqué?

Bashar: The same as you did with the last one.

FM: Ah, yes. The sanctions are working. No toilet paper….
(exits left.)


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Posted by Exile on February 24, 2012

I had to invent that heading. It’s the only way I can describe what’s going on in the Middle East. I have been graced with having no regular TV for the past week but I do have a satellite receiver set up so I can receive some news channels. CNN, BBC, Euronews, Al Jebloodyzera et al. All of them are showing stories from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Egypt.

The content is pretty much the same on all of these channels. Muslims killing muslims. All over the place. I don’t really care. OK, it’s a shame that a couple of western reporters were killed in Homs in Syria, but why the hell were they there? To report the “struggle for freedom” from Assad Bashar and his evil regime. OK. And if they succeed in their struggle; what will they replace it with? Another islamic republic. But they’re getting no aid, say these reporters. OK. Let’s have a look at that. Libya got some. That country is also falling into the hands of the islamic priesthood and ideological discussion instead of good government. Slowly perhaps, but it’s on its way. Is that any improvement? Did the aid help? I don’t think so.

Afghanistan. Riots all over the country. Neighbour killing neighbour. Why? Because some soldier who doubtless had been ordered to clear up the barracks and get rid of the rubbish threw a copy of the islamic book of nursery rhymes onto the bonfire. Shouts of “Death to America”. Cries of punishment by death. Murder on the streets. Allah u akbar. How very modern and civilised. It’s apparent that after ten years of help and support, the people haven’t moved more than five minutes away from the middle ages. Democracy? They have no conception of it. They don’t want it. And they don’t want us in their crap country anyway.
And when we leave, that country too will revert to the failed medieval islamic state that it always was, governed by sick Taleban religious fanatics with guns and swords ready to cut the arms and legs and heads off of children who are simply trying to learn to read from a book other than the bloody koran. As my good friend said when the punch up started in the pub, “Gentlemen, it’s time to leave”.

Somalia. An already hopelessly failed state now trying to rebuild after years of fundamental islamic abuse. Main occupations; Piracy and kidnapping. Most popular item for a christening gift; An AK-47. Everybody has one. Staple diet; Dust. Main sources of income; Foreign aid and ransom. Main export; Refugees. And now our misguided governments in the west have agreed to pour even more money into the stinking bottomless pit. All to no avail as long as Al-shebab, funded by Al-queda and piracy, is still holding more than half of the country.

Egypt? On its way to Islamic oppression. They have no idea of what a true democracy is either. Otherwise, the islamic brotherhood wouldn’t be the major player in their political system.

Considering that the west is going through the worst financial crisis imaginable, it’s time to cut the whole lot off and leave it all to the good people of Allah-land to sort it out for themselves. If Allah is really so “akbar”, then I’m sure they’ll be OK. They don’t like us anyway, they won’t thank us for our concern or our money and anything we do only draws their final demise out.

Still, as long as they’re killing each other and not us, then good luck to ‘em. I don’t give a shiite.

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