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A Gift for a Would-be Rapist

Posted by Exile on January 30, 2016

We are supposed to be proud of our society. This society has been built on law. Notably, not islamic or sharia law, but a fair and just system of laws made to protect the innocent and punish the guilty and preserve order. It is failing.

Some days ago a 17 year old girl, or young woman, depending on how you view these things, was attacked and an attempt was made by her attacker to rape her. This happened in Sønderborg, a provincial town in South Jutland. Her attacker was a foreigner. He spoke English but was not of European origin.
Bravely, she fought back and managed to free herself from him by using a simple, non-lethal device known as a pepper spray. He fled and she reported the attack to the local police.

A bit of a non-story, you may think. And I’d be inclined to agree with you up to a certain point. That certain point comes when we examine the response of the local police. Never mind the attacker, he’s disappeared back into the hole he escaped from. No, no. Let him be. We won’t even look for him.

But you, young lady, are a criminal now. With a criminal record. The crime? Possession and use of an illegal weapon.

The girl has been arrested, tried and fined for possessing and using a pepper spray. No mention of self defence here. No mention of why she had it or used it. The full weight of the law has been used to punish her for this heinous act.

Excuse me?

In some far off and distant lands, well, not so distant these days, if a woman is raped she is immediately accused of adultery, found guilty and stoned to death. We find that to be abhorrent.
”How can she be guilty?”, we scream. “Madness”, we cry. “They are animals”.
Is this affair any different?

Here we have a young woman being attacked by some rapist thug from another world and culture who wasn’t even invited here, defending herself, going to the very people we expect to help and comfort her and give some redress to society by actually catching the offender and bring him to justice, but she is the criminal?
Worse still, that the courts uphold the charges, proclaim her guilty and impose a hefty fine.
Which tells other women in our ordered society that this form of self defence is not acceptable and you should actually give in to the rapist scum and let the police “investigate” the offense? To what end? Our police are no more than tax collectors these days. There is no money in catching criminals. There is money in fines imposed by the state to punish.. well.. this wrong-doing young woman, for instance.
Her attacker is still on the loose by the way. But now he knows, that any woman he chooses to attack in the future won’t be spraying pepper in his eyes.
And therein lies the problem. Here we have the police doing very little, if anything at all, to catch him, a court making self defence inadmissible and both actions encourage the rapist to try again.

The judge should have thrown this one out and commended her for her bravery. The police should be looking for a rapist and our oh-so holier than thou politicians should be addressing this fatal flaw in our law. The argument that criminals will use pepper spray to carry out crimes should not make its use in self defence illegal. The criminal will use it anyway. The criminal is intent on breaking the law.

Innocent victims are, apparently, not allowed that luxury.

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