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Re-writing the Dictionary..

Posted by Exile on February 3, 2016

Racist: A derogatory and now meaningless term used by (esp. left wing) politicians and news media to describe any person or persons voicing their concerns on:

(1) unhindered immigration and the following consequences of that immigration.

(2) the failings of the government in controlling criminal immigrants.

(3) the actions of police in defending and sheltering criminal immigrants.

(4) rising crime rates due to immigration (esp. rape, theft, fraud and acts of terrorism).

(5) the actions of one particular religious group that aspires to the complete and utter destruction of our civilisation.

The term is also used (esp. by left wing politicians) to describe any person or persons having a superior argument to said politicians or news media in any debate on any of the above subjects.

Xenophobe: See ‘Racist’.

Nazi: See ‘Racist’.

Islamophobe: See ‘Racist’.


See. The name calling doesn’t work any more. At least not on me.

I seem to remember the words of an old song that I loved as a younger man:

“Momma take this badge off of me,
I can’t use it any more….”

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