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A Step in the Right Direction

Posted by Exile on February 5, 2016

Some good news today. The ‘out’ crowd have taken the lead in the great debate going on in the UK on the continued membership (or not) of the EU. I never wanted us to be in it from the start and voted ‘no’ back then. My own misgivings of what the future might bring have been realised in the worst way as the EU jackboot has marched over everything that is even slightly critical of it.

Referendums totally ignored, or to be repeated ad nauseam until the ‘right’ result was obtained. Courts set up to determine what policies were acceptable or not and then force those results onto an impotent population who are not even allowed to elect the EU leaders. The building of a supranational state. Foreign dictatorship.

All this was challenged by one party during the run up to the last UK elections. UKIP. Seeing that Britain’s only real viable future lies outside the EU, they campaigned hard for an exit poll to be taken. The Tory elitists were so rattled by the support for UKIP that they promised to hold the asked for referendum. And they won the election on that promise.

So now, they are caught out. The EU referendum will come. At some point.

I do see a way for them to weasel their way out though. At least, temporarily.

The PM, David Cameron, has begun a renegotiation of the agreement on membership of the EU. He has presented his ‘demands’. It really doesn’t amount to much and can hardly be called a renegotiation. It lacks teeth, vision and support. It will mean nothing.
The thing is, that while these ‘negotiations’ continue, he won’t call a referendum. How can he? “We’re still discussing the terms of our membership.” will be his war cry.

And knowing the EU, that can go on for a very long time….

See what Yougov has to say about it all…


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