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A Valuable Addition?

Posted by Exile on February 15, 2016

Bosnia & Herzegovina have officially requested to join the EU. Being a newly formed social democracy, I’m sure the EU will welcome them. After all, they are used to living under
communism and used to being ordered about from a centralised powerbase miles from home without being able to have a say in who runs the show.

I couldn’t help but go and see what I could find out about this latest candidate for the European madness. It proved difficult to get any real figures that aren’t a little dated.
There is a link below to an informative website.

A couple of things spring to the fore:

Population: About 5 million.
That makes it about the size of Denmark or Holland.

Unemployed: 45%.
So, about 2.5 million out of work. Someone will have to support them, or provide them with work. I wonder who and where?

Muslim 40%, Orthodox 31%, Roman Catholic 15%, other 14%. That’s another 2 million muslims to add to the EU.

Business opportunities? Well, yes…
Increasingly a transit point for heroin being trafficked to Western Europe; minor transit point for marijuana; remains highly vulnerable to money-laundering activity given a primarily
cash-based and unregulated economy, weak law enforcement, and instances of corruption.

Economic aid – recipient: $546.1 million. 
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold: $4.525 billion.
Debt – external: $6.734 billion.

Looks like a perfect candidate. I’m sure the EU can wipe out the debt for them and the aid funds can cope.

After all, we’re all paying taxes, aren’t we?



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