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About This Blog

Exile is presently in his sixties. Having witnessed the insanity that followed the publishing of a set of twelve cartoons in a well known Danish newspaper, he decided he had had enough of the islamic madness that was enveloping Europe and the rest of the world. His response was to start blogging and expose the idiocy for all to see. Things have changed since then but Exile continues to vilify islamism and works with organisations such as The Center for Vigilant Freedom and SIOE. Originally having voted no to joining the common market 30 years ago, Exile has become more and more disappointed and angered by the continual erosion of his civil rights by the politicians in the EU. He feels that these unelected people no longer represent the peoples of Europe and are in the process of turning Europe into a new “soviet republic”. Generally a peaceful sort, but don’t piss him off unnecessarily. Exile can be unforgiving.

Posts on this blog absolutely and positively reflect the views of the author. Exile! The fact that particular comments remain on the site or blogs on the blogroll does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by him. But he decides what stays and what goes.

If you don’t like what you read here, then don’t come back.

Otherwise, feel free to look around. Enjoy your visit.

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