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Posted by Exile on February 28, 2012

A shakespearean tragedy.

Somewhere in Damascus.


Enter the Foreign Minister….

FM (excited): Mr. Bashar, Sir. May the rivers of milk and honey flow from your ears.

Bashar: Thank you. And yours. What’s up?

FM(excited still.): We’ve received another communiqué from the UN Sir.

Bashar: I see. What does it say?

FM: They’re condemning us, oh mighty president, Sir.

Bashar (Stands up): Really? To what, exactly, are they condemning us?

FM (trembling): Er.. hang on, your eloquence, just having a quick read.. blah.. blah.. condemn.. blah.. murder of the innocents… blah… blah… Banki Moon..
Uhm.. They don’t say, Sir.

Bashar (Sits again.): Oh. Well. That’s annoying. Are they expecting an answer?

FM: I don’t think so, oh magnificent one.

Bashar: Hmmm… OK. Not to worry. How’s it going in Homs?

FM: Wonderful. We’ve slaughtered a shed load of ‘em today.

Bashar: Good. Carry on.

FM: Very well, your almightiness. What should I do with this communiqué?

Bashar: The same as you did with the last one.

FM: Ah, yes. The sanctions are working. No toilet paper….
(exits left.)


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Posted by Exile on February 24, 2012

I had to invent that heading. It’s the only way I can describe what’s going on in the Middle East. I have been graced with having no regular TV for the past week but I do have a satellite receiver set up so I can receive some news channels. CNN, BBC, Euronews, Al Jebloodyzera et al. All of them are showing stories from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Egypt.

The content is pretty much the same on all of these channels. Muslims killing muslims. All over the place. I don’t really care. OK, it’s a shame that a couple of western reporters were killed in Homs in Syria, but why the hell were they there? To report the “struggle for freedom” from Assad Bashar and his evil regime. OK. And if they succeed in their struggle; what will they replace it with? Another islamic republic. But they’re getting no aid, say these reporters. OK. Let’s have a look at that. Libya got some. That country is also falling into the hands of the islamic priesthood and ideological discussion instead of good government. Slowly perhaps, but it’s on its way. Is that any improvement? Did the aid help? I don’t think so.

Afghanistan. Riots all over the country. Neighbour killing neighbour. Why? Because some soldier who doubtless had been ordered to clear up the barracks and get rid of the rubbish threw a copy of the islamic book of nursery rhymes onto the bonfire. Shouts of “Death to America”. Cries of punishment by death. Murder on the streets. Allah u akbar. How very modern and civilised. It’s apparent that after ten years of help and support, the people haven’t moved more than five minutes away from the middle ages. Democracy? They have no conception of it. They don’t want it. And they don’t want us in their crap country anyway.
And when we leave, that country too will revert to the failed medieval islamic state that it always was, governed by sick Taleban religious fanatics with guns and swords ready to cut the arms and legs and heads off of children who are simply trying to learn to read from a book other than the bloody koran. As my good friend said when the punch up started in the pub, “Gentlemen, it’s time to leave”.

Somalia. An already hopelessly failed state now trying to rebuild after years of fundamental islamic abuse. Main occupations; Piracy and kidnapping. Most popular item for a christening gift; An AK-47. Everybody has one. Staple diet; Dust. Main sources of income; Foreign aid and ransom. Main export; Refugees. And now our misguided governments in the west have agreed to pour even more money into the stinking bottomless pit. All to no avail as long as Al-shebab, funded by Al-queda and piracy, is still holding more than half of the country.

Egypt? On its way to Islamic oppression. They have no idea of what a true democracy is either. Otherwise, the islamic brotherhood wouldn’t be the major player in their political system.

Considering that the west is going through the worst financial crisis imaginable, it’s time to cut the whole lot off and leave it all to the good people of Allah-land to sort it out for themselves. If Allah is really so “akbar”, then I’m sure they’ll be OK. They don’t like us anyway, they won’t thank us for our concern or our money and anything we do only draws their final demise out.

Still, as long as they’re killing each other and not us, then good luck to ‘em. I don’t give a shiite.

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Cartoon of the Century.

Posted by Exile on October 28, 2011

This just about says it all….


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Osama bin Laden is Dead

Posted by Exile on May 2, 2011

That’s a good thing. Well done Navy Seals. Bravo. That’s what I call taking the Bin out…

Some questions arise:

How and why was he allowed to live a life of luxury close to the capital city of Pakistan for such an apparently long time?
Why was he buried at sea instead of just being unceremoniously thrown overboard? (Preferably after having been cut into fish size bites.)
Who in Pakistan and in the government of Pakistan has been protecting him all these years and what will the consequences of this mean to them?

While we ponder these things, I’m celebrating with a jigger of the good Scotch.

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Nigel Farage Again

Posted by Exile on February 26, 2011

Telling it like it is..

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Bovine Excrement

Posted by Exile on February 7, 2011

Commonly: “Bullshit.”

Sometimes I think I’m the only one with a decent sense of smell left in this country. Never mind smelling the roses, try smelling what they’ve been fertilized with.

At the moment, there are over 160.000 people in Denmark without a job. Me included. Although that status may actually change within the next month if all goes according to plan. Fingers crossed, I may have found gainful employment. But that’s not what this is all about.

A month or so ago, our intrepid leaders announced that our welfare system is at breaking point. We don’t have money for hospital improvement, helping the aged or generally supporting those of us unfortunate enough to be in need. To prevent the eventual and unavoidable breakdown of society, we all have to work a few more years into our old age, give up our early retirement benefits, which we have paid into out of our own pockets with no chance of getting that money back, and that we should all work an extra hour a week. This would bring in an extra 15.7 billion Danish Crowns annually. Remember that figure. 15.7 billion Crowns.

Let’s look at the logic of the extended hours and years at work. Why should we work longer hours for more years? What about filling the apparent void by employing some of those 160.000 people that are out of work? And while we’re on the subject, how can there possibly be talk of a shortfall in working capacity, or workforce, with so many out of work as it is? So why are we told that we need to allow more immigration to bolster the workforce?  Somehow, it just doesn’t add up. How are we going to employ them with so many in the bloody queue already?

Our welfare system is falling to bits, they say. We can’t afford to improve the hospitals, help our pensioners or use more money on public health.

Hmmm. I wonder….

An overhaul of the hospital system will cost a great deal, but no money? How then, can it be, that when Pakistan got a little extra rainfall a few months ago, the Danish government could suddenly send (spend?) 172 million Crowns in foreign aid to a land that basically wishes us no well and is actually training people, who wish us only harm, in how to bring about our very destruction? That doesn’t add up either. I thought charity begins at home. Apparently not. It begins in the third world. Miraculously, we have money for that.

imageAnd while we’re on the subject of the third world, which is where this land is heading if we continue the present madness, what about that 15.7 billion Crowns?
You won’t believe it.
The third world is coming here and they’re doing it for free. You see, dear reader, today the cost of immigration to this nearly bankrupt society was made public.
It was quoted as being “almost 16 billion Crowns a year”.

“Almost 16 billion a year” is around “15.7 billion annually”.

Which, perhaps, is the real reason why we have to work harder and longer and why I think the Danish government should finally get a Bullshit Award.

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Is You IS or Is You Ain’t a Terrorist?

Posted by Exile on September 18, 2010

About a week has gone by since a man with an artificial leg blew himself up in the toilet of Jørgensens Hotel here in Copenhagen. He escaped with somewhat minor injuries and managed to run to a nearby park before being stopped and arrested. It took the police almost five days to find out who he really is and they still aren’t saying what they are going to charge him with. So far, they have been in contact with the Belgian police and there was some talk of Luxembourg at one time. It turns out the guy is from Tjechenia, so now the Russians are interested too.

His name is Lors Doukaev. He was, according to the police, attempting to send a TATP parcel bomb to the Jutland offices of Jyllands Posten in Aarhus. Apparently the bomb went off in the crapper while he was mixing the chemicals. He had a ticket to Belgium in his possession and it was dated for the 11th September, the day after his bomb went off unexpectedly.

Since then, the discussion has been based on his intent. Or rather, what the police believe his intent to be. Was this an act of terrorism? Or intended terrorism? Or personal grievance? Or idiocy? Is he a member of some terrorist group or not?

Frankly, I don’t care. The man meant to hurt someone with a parcel bomb of his own fabrication, nicely packed in plastic and ball bearings and the only reason he failed was that he fumbled the job in the shitter.

He should be charged with that in mind.

The way the investigation is going though, I get the impression that, in the end, he’ll end up being charged with vandalising the toilet, be given a fine and then released back into circulation.

See, we don’t have terrorism, or terrorists, here in Denmark.

And even if we did, we don’t know what to do with them.

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Light My Fire

Posted by Exile on May 29, 2010

I just thought I’d let everyone know. It’s the 29th of May and I have had to light the stove in our living room to get the temperature to something like comfortable.

Global warming?

My ass!

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Straight Talk

Posted by Exile on May 13, 2010

From the Timesonline;

The Pope today warned priests against “activities which do not fully accord with the ministry of Christ” after he arrived at Fátima, one of Christianity’s most popular shrines, on the second day of his four-day visit to Portugal.


Why didn’t he just say, “Stop raping children.”..??

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To the Netherlands Fraud Squad

Posted by Exile on April 20, 2010

I received this email from freedhuisman@aol.com – I suggest you investigate the man immediately.

During our last annual inspections of all various bank accounts here in the Netherlands, My department found a dormant account with an enormous sum of US$ 6,500,000.00 (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollar) which was deposited by one late Mr.Jerry R. Williams a British citizen.
>From My investigation I found out that the late Jerry R.Williams has no beneficiary or next of kin to claim these Funds.(US$ 6,500,000.00)and to the law of my country here in Netherlands when an account is dormant for more than eight 8 years the authority has every tendency to confisticate the account,this is why am contacting you to stand for me as the next of kin or beneficiary to this account deceast since you are not a Netherlands citizen, with all support proof documents to show for it with the help of my lawyer upon hearing from you.
I will need us to work together if you are interested,  and I assure you that I will provide all useful information’s and documentation that we enable us transfer this funds into your bank account legally without any problem.I would explain better to you on phone onversation upon hearing from you as I wait to hear from you soon.
Kindly write me directly with your contacts on my private email:freedhuisman@aol.com
Best Regards,
Freed Huisman

The text is brought here as received, spelling mistakes and all.

I hope I didn’t ruin your day Freed.

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