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Another Environmental Catastrophe – Biofuel in the EU

Posted by Exile on October 21, 2007

Rarely does one see political and economic madness so well demonstrated as we are seeing now with the announcement of the wine to petrol scandal that is going on in Europe. The simple fact is, that there are produced 500 million litres of totally undrinkable wine a year in the EU in the French and Spanish vinyards. Rather than just pour all that jolly-juice away, the EU buys it up and extracts the alcohol and then adds the spirit to petrol. That petrol is then sold as “green” fuel. Bio-fuel.

Which is absolute nonsense.

Because another simple fact is, that producing the wine, refining out the alcohol by distillation and adding it to the existing oil based petrol is 8 times more damaging to the environment per gallon than the production of the same amount of normal petrol. What is so “green” about that? Nothing. And yet it goes on, year after year, subsidised by the EU agricultural support, and finally by the EU again, that has to spend more money to buy up the excess production of undrinkable wine. Talk about drunk driving…

If ever you wondered where your money disappears to in the EU, this is a pretty good place to start looking. Let’s not forget, that we pay all the money into the EU through our taxes. Which means we are all a part of this atrocity, like it or not. The mighty EU says it has to be so. The poor wine producers must be kept in business, even if they can’t produce something we can use, need or want. Which probably says more about the lobbyists in the vinyards than about the EU politicians.

gas.pngSurely there is a better way around this. If market forces were to play any part in this debacle, then the people producing a non marketable product would go out of business and find something else to produce. Like rape oil, corn or something else which would grow on the useless vine fields that could be used to better effect. Bio-fuel is going to be big sometime soon, but not bio-fuel made from bad beaujolais or shabby chardonnay.

The true shame here lies with the EU. This is a waste of my money, and everybody elses too. This form of production under protection must be stopped. It is reminiscent of the USSR’s policy of jobs for everybody, even if they produce nothing. Which furthers my belief in the forming of the EUSSR. If europeans ever needed a get rich quick scheme then this is surely it. I am going to dig up my garden and plant vines. Then I am going to seek agro-support for my vinyard and produce the worst wine I can at very little personal effort and expense and finally sell it back to the the EU at an extortionate price. After all, wine is generally quite expensive per gallon, even if you can’t drink it.

To put a final shine on this sorry tale, I have to bring the Danish government into this. See, we don’t sell this bio-fuel, enriched with wine alcohol, in Denmark. Why not? Well, despite the continuing “we are the front runners in the green revolution” nonsense that we constantly hear from our political leaders in this tiny kingdom, the Danish government won’t give up the highly lucrative tax revenue on petrol. Which means that, even if it is green bio-fuel and evironmentally friendly, it is equally as expensive as non bio-fuel. The bio-fuel we buy here, is based on South American sugar cane. Ethanol. Same price as the regular gasoline, folks.

I’ll believe the environmental crisis is real when the politicians start acting as if it is.

Until then, I’ll drive everywhere and to hell with the CO2.


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